Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. has coordinated efforts with NASA Ames Research Center for a Summer Internship program for students interested in fields of Science and Technology.  This program allows students to be engaged into the "real world" science being performed on site at NASA Ames Research Facility.  Students will be mentored directly by NASA Researchers while working on cutting edge technologies in fields such as:
Discovery and Systems Health (Dash)
Pursues basic and applied research in Complex System Design, Intelligent Data Understanding, Intelligent Mobile Technologies, ISHM Technology Maturation, Neuroengineering and Smart Systems, Intelligent Vehicle Automation, Sensing and Control in Adaptive Distributed Systems. Click here to view sample openings
Autonomous Systems and Robotics (ASR)
Performs research and development in Adaptive Control Technologies, Control Agent Architectures, Embedded Decision Systems, Evolvable Systems, Intelligent Robotics, and Planning and Scheduling.
Robust Software Engineering (RSE)
Performs basic and applied research in Compositional Verification Tools, Efficient Software Verification Method Development, Adaptable Program Synthesis, and Diagnostic tools to help developers identify and eliminate software errors.
Collaborative and Assistant Systems (CAS)
Performs R&D in Advanced Exploration Knowledge Networks, Information Designs, Information Sharing and Integration, Spoken Dialogue Interfaces, Ubiquitous Computing and User-Centered Designs, and Work Systems Design and Evaluation.
Ensemble Development Group
The Ensemble development group at NASA Ames Research Center is looking for interns in Computer Science or related fields to work on software currently used in the operation of spacecraft and other NASA facilities.

The Ensemble team develops software tools that are used to operate the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Rovers, Phoenix Mars Lander, Mars Science Laboratory, a flight analogue testbed at Johnson Space Center, as well as a variety of research and applied technology projects.  These tools are developed by our team at NASA Ames in close collaboration with teams at NASA's mission centers such as the Jet Propulsion Lab and Johnson Space Center.

The Ensemble framework, which is based on the Java Eclipse Rich Client Platform, represents a novel approach to developing operational and robust software on an aggressive timeline.  Among other things, Ames-developed components enable scientists and engineers to plan out the operations of a remote spacecraft, a testbed facility on earth, and other complex systems.  Members of our team are required to work closely with various Ames research groups to bring cutting-edge products to operational personnel.

Required Skills:
  • Pursuing degree in Computer Science or closely related field
  • Working knowledge of Java

Desired Skills (in priority order):
  • User interface design and development experience
  • Experience with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform
  • Experience working with a team delivering a large software product
  • Knowledge of distributed systems
  • Knowledge of automated planning and scheduling techniques
  • Experience with continuous build/integration/test administration
  • Familiarity with agile software development methods

Job responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
  • Software development
  • Software systems design
  • Infrastructure support
  • Customer/end-user support
  • Testing test infrastructure development

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.

About NASA Ames Research Center:
NASA Ames is one of the nation's premier research labs in support of NASA missions and the nation's Vision for Space Exploration.  Located in California's Silicon Valley, NASA Ames performs cutting-edge research in fields such as Computer Science, Aeronautics, and Life Sciences, supplies advanced software and materials to NASA missions, and has created partnerships with leading universities and high-technology industry leaders in efforts to advance human knowledge and explore the unknown.  For more information, see http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames.
To obtain more detailed information about the specific research topics in this division, please visit http://ti.arc.nasa.gov/

Requirements / Benefits
MCT offers a variety of services to the students to ensure a successful, productive internship experience. Students are required to submit a paper at the termination of their program outlining the work performed. A prize will be given to the best paper. Other benefits include:
Visa and Social Security Assistance
Filing necessary Security Paperwork
Travel Assistance
Assistance in locating housing and points of interest
Social events
Technical presentations

Participation Eligibility
Participation is open to all US and Foreign Nationals students - High School, Undergrads, Graduate Programs and Post-Docs.
Pay is commensurate upon educational background.

Foreign Nationals / Security Requirements

NASA Ames enforces strict security policies for all participants on site. Individuals must be cleared for Access on Site, Computer Access and Badge Issuance. These clearance procedures may take up to 4 months for Foreign Nationals. Foreign Nationals must also be escorted at all times while on base. In order to accommodate these government guidelines, Foreign Nationals are encouraged
to apply at least 4 months prior to the anticipated start date to avoid unnecessary delays.

Medical Benefits are not provided by MCT during the Internship Program. Foreign Nationals obtaining a J-1 Visa through MCT will be provided with limited medical benefits from the Visa sponsor agency (AIPT).

Application Procedures

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply and submit their resume on line at: MCT SMART login

NASA Scientists interested in obtaining students access the site regularly to choose students that match their criteria. Please make sure your contact information is up to date. Your resume will be valid for one year but students may access the site anytime to update their resume.

For More Information

Please contact the Program Administrator for further details:

Ann Coulthard
(650) 604-3583